Plastic surgeons say that many women search Google for doctors who promise cheap miracles but who are often not trained or placed on authorized products. Some of the most common complications of cosmetic surgeries usually depend on that. Others, the state of health of the patient and even if he is depressed. Five surgeries in which more complications appear. But it is worth clarifying: they are not only serious. In fact, the most common are bruises, asymmetries, infections and abnormal scars.

Post-bariatric surgery: “It is done after someone loses more than 40 kilos and has a large surplus of skin and cell tissue, which has the highest rate of complications: they can be between 15 and 20%. It is risky because a lot of tissue is removed and there is a great loss of blood, and people with obesity always have a higher risk of having
wounds do not close well and have infections.

Reductive mastoplasties: Bruises and more problems with general anesthesia can appear, and they can do keloids in addition to the risk of infection, the necrosis of the areola and the nipple is added.When the breasts are reduced, that complex is irrigated by two arteries when it is normally irrigated by four, so it can become necrotic. You have to re-form a nipple with skin on the other side, like the leg or the vulva, if the woman is a chronic smoker, she has more risk.

Face lifting: Bruises, infections, necrosis of the skin and, if there is a doctor’s nervousness, nerve injuries.

Liposuction: There are risks of bruising, infection and pulmonary thromboembolism (one case in 1,000), which occurs if a fat globule goes through a blood vessel and covers the lungs.

In the last four surgeries, the complications do not exceed 5%. Experts warn that there is always a margin of risk, as in any operation. And in these cases are enhanced with other factors. A patient with poorly controlled diabetes, heart problems or difficult-to-manage hypertension is not a good candidate.

But many complications depend on today any inexperienced professional works, many in doctors’ offices and not in intensive care-enabled clinics. For that reason if you want a great work in your body you have to search an excellent doctor who is prepared for a good attention and responsible treat with your plastic surgery in Tijuana Mexico.