As we know, there are different types of deformities of the spine, mostly have an abnormal curvature that must be treated by professional hands.

It should be noted that not all the deformities presented in the spine produce pain, however, when it appears, it means that there is a kind of compression or irritation of the nerves of the spine, which is caused by abnormal curvatures. Postural and balance of the body. There is a certain relationship between an imperfect bite and postural control; relationship that increases when the patient feels more tired or in conditions of instability so go with your dentist in Tijuana if you think your teeth look very ugly.

The existence of a link between the occlusion, different motor alterations and the control of posture would have a neurophysiological explanation, since the nerves responsible for chewing and controlling balance, as well as the masticatory and cervical muscles exert influence between them.

Next, know the most common deformities of the column:

• Scoliosis: This deformity is identified by an abnormal three-dimensional curvature that develops in the spine, can cause unevenness in the shoulders or hips and protruding ribs. There are several types of scoliosis that are based on different causes and ages, usually, this disease occurs more in girls than in boys and appears after 10 years of age.

• Idiopathic: This is what is called when the origin of the disease or deformity is unknown, within this category enter diseases such as scoliosis and kyphosis.

• Congenital: This term means birth, there are several congenital conditions that can be discovered at any time of life, there are notorious conditions and others that are appreciating from nothing, in general, congenital conditions are treated naturally and not surgically , if you have the professionals indicated, we assure you the best results.

• Neurological: This system includes the brain and nerves that allow the functioning of the body to feel and move, it should be noted that the skeletal system is controlled by the neurological system.

• Kyphosis: It is so called when the upper part of the spine or also the bones that are part of the thorax are curved in a bad direction, it usually appears a kind of hump, back pain, hardness and muscular fatigue, if not treated, this will move forward and the pain will be unbearable.

Always remember to have our expert hands and allow us to improve your quality of life with non-surgical solutions, you know we are the best option.