Many people think that living alone and interacting with few people in their daily lives brings them less problems, but will it be true? It is true that living with people we have the risk of having fights, jealousies, jealousy, defamation etc, but in reality being alone is not the solution, research has found that lonely people tend to fill that gap with alcoholic beverages or cigars, which dentists in Tijuana recommend to avoid them due to the serious damage they cause to the mouth and in general to the whole body. It was also observed that loneliness and social isolation usually cause cerebrovascular diseases.

In fact this theory has been investigating for years and different investigations tried to explain the links between loneliness or social isolation and cardiovascular diseases, but most of these studies have not considered a wide range of other potentially influential factors. Therefore, it is extremely difficult to draw absolute conclusions from relative evidence. In an attempt to clarify what role these other factors could have, a group of researchers has collected their conclusions based on data from almost 480,000 people between 40 and 69 years, who were part of the study of the Biobank of the United Kingdom between 2007 and 2010. To know these results the participants provided detailed information to measure their levels of social isolation and loneliness. Height, weight and grip strength were measured, and blood samples were taken.

This is how according to the findings having few social contacts is a great risk factor for death among people with preexisting cardiovascular disease. This result is important, since about a quarter of all strokes are recurrent, and with this information many deaths can be prevented and even the treatment given to patients with cardiovascular diseases can be improved by making a combination of traditional medicine with coexistence sessions with other people to reduce the risks of strokes.